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A structured online course for the future logo animation rockstar. You will learn how to animate almost any icon or logotype, morph it to everything and tell short fun stories. Logo animation has an extremely low cost of a mistake. If something went wrong, you can always change everything quickly and easily.

It gives free rein and allows you to learn something new quickly. That is why we have decided to create this course, which is full of experiments, lifehacks and techniques, cheating in a workflow, analyzing someone else's works, and lots of fun.

The course entirely consists of overviewing different techniques and setups, and of analyzing animation techniques. In general, these all are the stuff that you will never learn without practicing on a real task. With the help of animation you can emphasize identity dynamics, demonstrate some microinteractions, and deliver your ideas more clearly.

Animation makes everything more eye-catching. We will show you how to cut losses during routine tasks, and what you can come up with in 1 or 2 days. You have to be realistic about your skills and available time. You will learn a lot of styles using which you can animate almost any logo. There are different kinds of clients. And everything would be fine if you could create animations as fast as they write edits. In the course, we suggest at least two solutions to this issue. The first one is to analyze a brief in detail.

Often, if a designer chooses the wrong tools at the initial stage, it predetermines the entire future fate of the project. The second option is to organize a project in such a way that you could easily edit your animation at any stage. This is absolutely normal.The animation for the episodes was provided by the Japanese studio Pacific Animation Corporation, with Masaki Iizuka as production manager.

The studio was acquired in to form Walt Disney Animation Japan. Seasons 23and 4 each contained twenty episodes, starting with a five-part story. The series was originally distributed by Rankin-Bass Productions' then-parent company Telepictures Corporationwhich would later merge with Lorimar Productions in Leisure Concepts which helped co-develop [1] [2] the show acted as a licensing agent for the series.

There were also several comic book series produced: Marvel Comics ' version currently owned by Warner Bros. Items of clothing featuring the ThunderCats logo and DVD boxsets of the original series have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years as nostalgia for the former children's favorite has grown. In OctoberVariety magazine revealed that Jerry O'Flahertyveteran video game art director, had signed on to direct. The film was planned to be produced by Spring Creek Productions.

It was originally set for a summer release, [8] but the movie has since been put on hold. ThunderCats follows the adventures of the eponymous team of heroes, cat-like humanoid aliens on a planet called Third Earth. The fleet is attacked by the Thundereans's enemies, the Mutants of Plun-Darrwho destroy most of the starships in the "ThunderFleet," but spare the flagship hoping to capture the legendary mystic Sword of Omens they believe is on board. The sword holds the Eye of Thundera, the source of the ThunderCats' power, which is embedded in the hilt.

Though the Mutants damage the flagship, the power of the Eye drives them back. The damage to the ship means the journey to their original destination is not possible, instead having to journey to "Third Earth," which will take much longer than they had anticipated. The eldest of the ThunderCats, Jaga, volunteers to pilot the ship while the others sleep in capsules; however, he dies of old age in the process, but not before ensuring they will reach their destination safely. When the ThunderCats awake from their suspended animation on Third Earth after ten "galacto-years," Lion-O discovers that his suspension capsule has slowed, rather than stopped, his aging.

He has now become essentially a child in the body of an adult. Together, the ThunderCats and the friendly natives of Third Earth construct the "Cat's Lair," their new home and headquarters, but before long, the Mutants have tracked them down to Third Earth.

The intrusion of these two alien races upon the world does not go unnoticed, however, as a demonic, mummified sorcerer calling himself Mumm-Ra recruits the Mutants to aid him in his campaign to acquire the Eye of Thundera and destroy the ThunderCats so that his evil may continue to hold sway over Third Earth. The basic plot above holds strong for the first season of the show, and served as the basis for a vast array of stories that freely mixed elements of science fiction and fantasy into a traditional good-versus-evil tale that steadily introduced more and more recurring allies and villains into the world of the ThunderCats.

Futuristic technology is just as central to the series as magic and myth, but even in the midst of all this action, the series never underemphasizes the importance of moral values in solving problems. The first half of Season 1 featured a gentle continuity, with early episodes following on from one another and establishing recurring concepts, although this became less common as the season transitioned into its second half, which comprised mostly incidental one-shot adventures.Browse through the list of 80's cartoon shows to find your favourite cartoon show, or use the quick meny above to browse to a specific show.

Web design and development by Danny Debi. Home Series Blog About the 80s Contact. Alf Tales. Alvin and the Chipmunks. Babar the Elephant.

Battleship Yamato - Coming soon. Beverly Hills Teens. Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines. Bionic Six. California Raisins - Coming soon. Camp Candy.

Candy Candy. Captain N the Game Master. Care Bears. Challenge of the Gobots. Count Duckula.

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David the Gnome. Defenders of the Earth. Dennis the Menace. Denver the Last Dinosaur. Dino Riders. Doctor Snuggles - Coming soon. Galaxy High.

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. Gravedale High - Coming soon. Gummi Bears - Coming soon. He-man and the Masters of the Universe - Coming soon. Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats. Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n Wrestling. Incredible Hulk. Inspector Gadget. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. Jem and the Holograms - Coming soon.ThunderCats is an American media franchisefeaturing a fictional group of cat like humanoid aliens.

The characters were created by Tobin "Ted" Wolf and originally featured in an animated television series named ThunderCatsrunning from towhich was animated by Japanese studio Pacific Animation Corporationand co produced by Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment.

80 Free After Effects Templates You Should Download

The original ThunderCats show was animated in Japan while being produced, written and voice acted in the United States. There were also several comic book series produced.

A ThunderCats comic book series based on the animated series was originally published by Marvel Comics through its Star Comics imprint inlasting for three years and twenty four issues. Items of clothing featuring the ThunderCats logo were available in the '80s, and DVD boxsets releases of the original series helped new clothing products enjoy a resurgence in the mid to end of the s, as nostalgia for the former children's favorite grew.

The film was being produced by Spring Creek Productions. It was originally set for release in the summer of[7] but it has since been reported that the movie was never greenlit, [8] and as ofhas yet to be produced. Concept art for the film has also been leaked online. On July 29,a second television series of the same name premiered.

It was initially planned to have a fifty two episode long first season, but it was shortened down to 26, and cancelled shortly after season one finished airing.

ThunderCats Roar features an explicitly cartoonish art style with a more lighthearted, comedic tone than previous ThunderCats installments. The show's premise is similar to the original; the ThunderCats escape their dying homeworld Thundera, only to crashland on Earth, facing off against various villains and their evil overlord, Mumm-Ra.

The announcement of ThunderCats Roar was met with severe backlash, with the announcement trailer receiving negative reviews from fans of the original series of the s and the reboot ofwho have criticized the animation style, creators, and shift to comedy.

Fans against the changes made unfavorable comparisons to Teen Titans Go! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

80s logo animation

For other uses, see ThunderCats disambiguation. This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article.

Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page.Choose a template from our wide selection of designs. Choose the color palette and animation format that best suits your logo. Share your new logo animation on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. Display your logo animation as a video billboard advertisement to gain visibility for your business and brand. Yes, our Logo Animation Maker requires a completed logo to incorporate into an animation template.

You may also use OFFEO to design a new logo or other image editing software to finalize a design you are happy with. However, we recommend your logo animation be less than 3 seconds and we find that this is generally a sufficient amount of time to reveal and showcase a business logo. Like most of our other video and animation makers, our logo animation software gives you the ability to edit your clip frame by frame, meaning that you can speed up certain sections or alter your transitions as needed.

We have several color palettes that can be applied to each template, as well as several sound track options. Browse through them to find out which ones fit your logo and business ideas. Hit enter to search or ESC to close.

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80s logo animation

Minimalistic logo animation that mimics a water droplet causing a ripple. A nice and sleek ink blob reveal logo animation. Turntable rotation logo animation. Bold colors that spin around before transiting into your logo. Choose colors that compliment your brand colors to maximize the potential of this intro. Water Bender. Liquid explosion logo animation in pastel colors. Playful and youthful. Glitch in the code. Feeling playful? Use this doodle-styled logo animation with pastel colors to bring out the fun side of your brand.

Communicate strength and power with this intense logo animation. Ripple in space. A collection of dreamy colors spiralling down and bring focus to your logo. An attention-seeking black and white intro that mimics a film projector with a variety of shapes and patterns.

White Ball logo animation. Hop and twirl around with the white ball that leads into the logo. Explosive action. Ever wanted a intro of a missle being shot from the sky?

Digital smoke.MotionDen has a high-quality logo animation maker that is far easier to use when compared to traditional video editing programs.

Instead of needing special training to create an animated logo, you can get it done within five minutes using MotionDen. Another advantage of MotionDen is that it is cloud-based, which will allow you to access it on any device, no matter where you are, and you can also avoid having to download and install it.

Beyond ease of use and cloud-compatibility, MotionDen is also one of the most affordable solutions for those who are looking to create their own animated logos.

You can try this web-based editor for free, and if you like what you see, you can then choose between two affordable subscription plans. MotionDen is also one of the quickest ways to get your logo animation ready. This animated logo maker can have something available within five minutes of opening it up. However, you can always take as long as you want to refine things so that they're perfect using the in-depth customization options. Display your branded video with a smoke inspired logo opener!

Dark Smoke is a multipurpose intro that features neutral colored dark smoke trails floating among a particle filled background. Pattern Blast is a beautifully crafted 2D intro that is suitable for channels who want to get their video started on the right foot.

Editing Pattern Blast is simple, simply enter your desired text and let us handle the rest. Oceanic Pumps is one of our most popular 3D intro templates. It features professionally synched pumps and blue, black and white patterns. Customizing this project is easy, simply enter your custom text and let us handle the rest.

Available only for a limited time. Use this beautifully designed 8-bit gaming intro template to create a fully customized custom introduction in minutes. Our online intro maker helps you create a fully custom intro in just minutes, simply upload your photos and text to our channel and let us handle the rest.

This upbeat text opener requires only a name and slogan to be complete! Fantastic product. Such an effective and simple way to create logo animations for your videos. Great bunch of motion designers creating openers on this site! The logo animation maker from MotionDen uses templates to streamline the process of creating your logo animation. There is a range of presets to choose from, and each of them is distinct enough for use in a wide range of applications, ranging from corporate logos to designs for YouTube channels.

List of animated television series of the 1980s

However, you can do more than that when it comes time to customize your logo animation. You can also add custom text to the end product, and you can also change the background music. Logo animation software is the best way for a business to distinguish itself from the competition. Your logo will often be the first thing that people see, so you're going to want something that looks good.

If you're going to leave a good first impression on the people who look at your logo animation and inspire confidence in them, then you're going to need something that has high production values. This is something that our free logo animation program can provide. Minimalism straddles a fine line, and it may take a few tries to get it right. An animated logo creator will also give you the ability to improve your branding, as a logo is the single most significant icon that represents your business or company.

80s logo animation

When you animate your logo, you make it more than a symbol that represents your company, as it becomes far more immersive. A looped animation is one which repeats once it reaches the end, and the first and last frames will typically be identical, which will turn it into a far smoother loop.

MotionDen offers a range of advantages when compared to traditional "animate my logo" services, and the most crucial one is that you get to save money. When you do things yourself, you can also be sure that you'll love the result, instead of having a logo animation firm come back to you with something that you don't even like.

Being able to animate your own logo affordably and with professional quality is an advantage that lets you compete with the biggest competitors out there. Animated Videos.

Birthday Slideshows.If you are professional or just starting up in video production and Adobe After Effects we have a nice selection of free logo animation templates for After Effects that you can use for your projects or learn from them.

These logo animation templates are ready to use out of the box. Just replace the logo design placeholder with your logo design file and add a tagline optional and you are ready to go. All our free logo animation templates are under CC-BY license which means that you can use them commercially as long as you credit the Quince Creative where possible or even better put backlink to our page.

Our projects are fully compatible with latest version of Adobe After Effects software. We got you covered! View Reviews. Thank you! Skip to content.

80s logo animation

Free logo animation. Play Video. American Football - Free Logo Animation. Our new American Football themed free logo animation is out. Adobe After Effects free template. Glitching Neon - Free Logo Animation. Another glitch based free logo animation but this time with a neon looking outlines. Techy - Free Logo Animation. New technology and electronic related free logo animation template by Quince Media. Music by Youtube audio CC-0 license. Download and use at will. Hand Grenade — Free Logo Animation.

Up for some explosions? Our new free logo animation project. OBJ file is included for further modifications as well as pre-rendered version. World Map - Free Logo Animation. Widely popular and universal logo animation to reveal your logo design above the world map illustration.

Global business map logo animation for After Effects. Vault — Free Logo Animation. Unlock your financial business logo design via our new logo intro animation template. Globe — Free Logo Animation. World globe spinning over from left to right side of the screen revealing your logo while passing by.

Futuristic corporate themed free logo animation template. Download this modern logo animation for free. Balloons — Free Logo Animation. Free logo animation template for events and parties. Awesome happy background music included. Balloons flying up revealing your logo design behind.

Glitchy — Free Logo Animation.


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